Now Accepting ONS Theater
Presentation Applications!

ONS Theater Presentations

Sponsored Theater Presentations cannot be accredited. 

2022 ONS Theater Presentation Package:

$15,000 Per Presentation


Scheduled 45 minute presentation 
Live or simulive
Available on demand (optional)


Available to all conference registrants during scheduled event


A limited number of Theater Presentations will be scheduled each day of the live event and will not conflict with ONS educational sessions. On Demand presentations will be available to conference registrants during the meeting and all members free of charge post event.

Promotion in Attendee Daily e-mail

Estimated attendance is 500

ONS will send an e-mail to all conference registrants each day of the event highlighting Theater Presentations with link to complete descriptions on conference web page. Note that sponsor does NOT provide copy for e-mail.

Theater Presentation listing in official conference schedule on ONS conference web site

ONS Bridge site average monthly page views 6,000

Theater Presentation listing in conference schedule on ONS web site.

ONS conference Attendee Registration List

Estimated attendance is 500

Full attendee registration list (including name, state, job title and organization)

ONS Blog Post

See example

Average 400 page views

Dedicated Blog Post; Sponsor provides Blog copy.

ONS conference logo to use for promotion


Sponsor can use official ONS conference logo for promotions.

Option to request advance registration on your own platform/link out to form


Registration link will be listed with event in the schedule.

Full Conference Registrations

Two (2) per contracted Theater Presentation

Two (2) full conference registrations to be used by event staff or company employees only.