Additional Exhibitor Resources Will Be Added as They Become Available.

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Exhibitor Resources

Exhibit Hall Hours

Thursday, September 9
11:00 – 11:30 am: Dedicated exhibit hours for Gold/Platinum Level, Presentation Showcase for Platinum Exhibitors 
1:45 – 4:15 pm: Exhibit Hours

Tuesday, September 14
11:15 – 11:45 am: Dedicated exhibit hours for Gold/Platinum Level, Presentation Showcase for Platinum Exhibitors 
2:00 – 4:30 pm: Exhibit Hours

Thursday, September 16
11:15 – 11:45 am: Dedicated exhibit hours for Gold/Platinum Level, Presentation Showcase for Platinum Exhibitors 
2:00 – 4:30 pm: Exhibit Hours

Exhibitor Training Webinars

ONS Congress Exhibitor Webinar Recording

The same platform is being used for ONS Bridge as ONS Congress. If you were an exhibitor during ONS Congress your booth has been copied over and you can edit as necessary. If you are a new exhibitor we will reach out with additional information on how to get started. Please feel free to review the ONS Congress webinars as a refresher on how to update your booth.

Below you will find a link to our ONS Virtual Platform Exhibitor Webinar. When watching the webinar recording, please note that the training begins at the 5:40 timestamp. 

Click the video below to view the Virtual Showcase Demo for Gold and Platinum Exhibitors.

ONS Exhibitor Webinar.JPG

Exhibitor Training Videos

Frequently Asked Questions

ONS Bridge Virtual Platform


  • What platform is ONS using for The Virtual Learning Hall?

    • ONS is partnering with Digitell (also referred to as OPUS).

  • Will I be able to edit/build out my own booth?

    • Yes, new for ONS Bridge, exhibitors have the ability to log into the backend of the platform to add your company logo, banner, description, website, staff, resources, etc.

  • When does my booth need to be finalized?

    • Booths must be completely built out and finalized by August 27.

  • Does my final booth need to be reviewed or approved?

    • After August 27, the ONS Show Management team will review all booths for completeness and appropriateness of content. If a booth appears incomplete or posted content does not align with ONS’s goals and mission for ONS Bridge you will be contacted directly by a member of our team.


Accessing Your Booth


  • How do I access my booth?

    • The main contact listed for each booth will receive an access email directly from Digitell, the ONS Bridge virtual platform. If you did not receive this email, please email us at ONSSponsorships@smithbucklin.com and we will re-send.

    • Included in your access email is a link to the backend of the Digitell site. By clicking on the link you will be prompted to create an account with Digitell.

    • Once you have created your account, you will be automatically brought to the “My Profile” section. Select “My Directory Profile” and click on ONS Bridge – if you have previously used Digitell for other virtual events, you may see those events listed here.

    • A drop-down should appear after selecting ONS Bridge with your booth listing, click “Enter” to begin customizing your booth.

    • Once in your booth, you can click on the tabs at the top to see how the different sections of your booth will appear to an event attendee and make changes – see below for more information on editing the various sections of your booth.

  • I do not see any of the features included in my booth package listed when I enter my booth to view as an attendee?

    • When you first log into your booth, you will need to go the Manage tab and then select Information. Scroll to the bottom of the pop-up window, you will see various toggles listed such as Chat, Resources, Contacts, etc. These toggles will be turned to NO, switch to YES to allow features to be visible to attendees. 

  • I don’t know who was listed as our main booth contact. How do I confirm the correct person has been listed?

  • The person listed as the main booth contact is incorrect. Can I update this myself once I have access to my virtual booth?

  • How do I log on to access my booth during live ONS Bridge days? 

    • The ONS Digitell site has been migrated to Single Sign-on access using your ONS account. If you had an existing user account with ONS under your email address, your access has been merged into that account and you may use your ONS username and password to log in. If you did not previously have an account with ONS, one has been created for you. You will be required to set your own unique password using the “Forgot Password” link.

    • The new login link is provided here: https://login.ons.org/?vendor=digitell


Updating Your Logo and Banner


  • How do I add my logo to my booth?

    • Go to the Manage tab in your booth, and select Icon from the dropdown. Use the cropping tool to upload a file.

  • What size logo do I need?

    • A high definition png. file with a transparent background.  Recommended more than a width of 200 pixels.

  • How do I add a banner image to my booth?

    • Go to the Manage tab in your booth, and select Update Banner from the dropdown. From here you can upload a banner image, you may need to crop or adjust as necessary.

  • How do I add a hyperlink to my banner image?

    • Got to the Manage tab in your booth, and select Update Banner Link from the dropdown. From here you can add a link to your banner image.


Overview Tab Questions


  • Is there a size limit on the videos an exhibitor can upload?

    • No size limit. Use embedded links or iframes from your YouTube or Vimeo; cannot upload a raw video file.

  • How many demo/promotional videos can be uploaded to our expo page?

    • Silver level exhibitors are not able to upload any videos. Gold and Platinum level exhibitors are able to upload (1) video.


Resources Tab Questions


  • How many brochures can be uploaded to our expo page?

    • Silver level exhibitors are allowed to upload (4) downloadable resources, Gold level exhibitors (5) downloadable resources, and Platinum level exhibitors are allowed an unlimited number of resources.

  • What types of files can I upload as a resource?

    • Acceptable formats include PDF, URL, JPG, and PNG

  • What is the max size resource that can be added to the resources section?

    • 500 MB

  • Can videos be added to the resources section?

    • No. Platinum and Gold Level exhibitors can upload a video to their Overview tab. Please see the “Overview Tab Questions” section.


Contacts Tab Questions


  • How is the contact information section used?

    • The contact information section is an address book of company representatives an Exhibitor would like attendees to be able to contact. 

  • How many booth contacts can be added to my booth?

    • Unlimited, though they do not have attendee access to the event.

  • How will booth members get access to the booth?

    • When the booth contact is added to the contacts tab, that individual will be sent an email from the system with an auto login link.

  • Can Booth contacts edit the booth?

    • Yes, added booth contacts will be able to edit the booth and start virtual showcase meetings (available to Gold and Platinum level exhibitors only). The only thing that they will not be able to do is set up their 1:1 appointment availability (available to Gold and Platinum level exhibitors only). This is only an option for the Booth Admin/Booth VIP.


Live Chat Questions


  • Can the Exhibitor control when the Chat Lobby is open or closed?

    • Yes. The Chat Lobby feature allows attendees to chat virtually with an Exhibitor. This feature can be turned on or off by the Exhibitor in the Booth Management section. Chatting is available 24 hours/day during the event days.

  • Will the booth team be notified when a chat is submitted from an attendee?

    • No, there are not any notifications that go off when an attendee submits a chat. It is important to frequently visit the Chat tab to check in. 

  • Is the live chat feature one on one or can it be applied to multiple chat participants?

    • The live chat is a global feature - anyone who enters the booth can see the chat and can join in. If you want to chat with someone specifically, we recommend that you use the 1:1 meeting scheduling tool to set up a zoom meeting (available to Gold and Platinum level exhibitors only).


Virtual Showcase Questions [Gold and Platinum Only]


  • What is the Zoom Showcase feature?

    • The Zoom Showcase is essentially a zoom meeting that you can open within your booth and do with what you want. The recommendation is to use it for booth presentations. 

  • What is the day/time for the Virtual Showcase Zoom Meeting?

    • Zoom Showcases must be held during Learning Hall hours.

  • Is the Virtual Showcase Zoom-Meeting the same as an ONS session?

    • No, the Virtual Showcase Zoom-Meeting is for the Exhibitor to meet with attendees who are interested in learning more about their company’s offerings.

  • Does the Exhibitor manage the 1 Hour Zoom Meeting? If not, who does?

    • Gold and Platinum level exhibitors will be able to start their zoom meeting on their own. Both the main booth admin and any booth staff that have been added can start the meeting by going to the virtual showcase tab in the booth. Only one person can start the meeting at a time.

  • Can Exhibitors set up the 1-Hour Zoom Meeting to mute participants upon entry?

    • Yes. Exhibitors can mute participants upon entry (similar to a regular Zoom call): Select “Participants” on the Zoom Bar, then “More,” then “Opt-In,” then “Mute Participants upon Entry”.

  • Can Exhibitors mute participants during the Virtual Showcase to ensure a quiet meeting?

    • Yes. Hover your cursor over the participant you want to mute, then click “mute”.

  • Steps to prevent participant pop-ins from interrupting the Virtual Showcase:

    • Mute participants upon entry.

    • Make sure “Play Enter/Exit Chime” is not checked. (Go to Zoom Bar, then “Participants,” then “More,” then turn off “Play Enter/Exit Chime”)

    • Select “Enable Wait Room” — this will allow Exhibitors to choose who they want to allow access into the 1-Hour Zoom meeting. (Go to Zoom Bar, then “Security,” then select “Enable Wait Room”)

    • Select “Lock Meeting” — this will allow Exhibitors to lock the meeting so no more attendees will be able to enter. (Go to Zoom Bar, then “Security,” then select “Lock Meeting”)

  • Can Exhibitors control who comes into the 1-Hour Zoom Meeting (i.e. keep out competitors)?

    • Select “Enable Wait Room” — this will allow Exhibitors to choose who they want to allow access into the Virtual Showcase. (Go to Zoom Bar, then “Security” then select “Enable Wait Room”)

  • Can Exhibitors make their Zoom meeting by-invitation only?

    • No.

  • How does Q&A work during a Virtual Showcase?

    • That is up to the Exhibitor. A general suggestion is to have meeting attendees type their questions into the Zoom chat, to avoid people trying to talk at once.

  • Can Exhibitors promote their Virtual Showcases outside of the platform?

    • No, this is not recommended. The reason being is that external attendees will generally have to register for the event in order for them to be able to interact with an exhibitor’s booth. If exhibitors promote their Virtual showcases externally by sharing their Booth URL on a Social Media, then anybody that clicks on that link will not be able to interact with the exhibit booth unless they are not registered, (e.g. Submit chats, Join the virtual Showcases or schedule a meeting)

  • Are Virtual Showcases recorded?

    • They can be recorded — select: Zoom Bar, then “Record,” then “Record to This Computer”. Do not select "Record to the Cloud" or you will not receive the recording. When you select "Record to This Computer,” the recording file will save to the Exhibitor’s computer files. A pop-up will appear after the meeting, converting the recorded file to the Exhibitor’s computer.

  • Are analytics for Zoom Meetings available (who attended, Q&A, contact information for follow up)?

    • No


1:1 Appointment Scheduler Questions [Gold and Platinum Only]


  • Can an Exhibitor request a 1:1 meeting with an attendee?

    • No, Exhibitors cannot request 1:1 meetings with attendees. The 1:1 meeting request must be made by an attendee to the Exhibitor Main POC.

  • Who manages the 1:1 Meeting Scheduler in the Exhibit booth?

    • The 1:1 Meeting Scheduler can only be managed by the booth admin contact. Other booth contacts will not be able to manage the 1:1 Meeting Scheduler.

  • Will there be a training video to help Exhibitors learn how to use the 1:1 meeting scheduler?

    • Yes, there are videos links at the end of this document.


General Questions


  • How many chat conversations can go on at the same time, and what if several attendees came into the chat room at the same time? How is that managed?

    • There can be multiple chats at one time. The chat is global, so it’s important to identify who you are speaking to by initially stating their name before each message you type. Example: “John Appleseed - I really like what you are presenting here”. This helps to direct conversation and minimize confusion. It is the responsibility of each Exhibitor to establish this protocol with their attendees.

  • Zoom Meeting - can the speaker be the person who runs the recording, allow folks in or does that have to be the Booth Admin?

    • Anybody can be the speaker in the zoom meetings. Whoever from the Booth team starts the Virtual showcase will be the Zoom meeting host. They can then promote other booth members or attendees to host or co-host rights. We recommend the booth admin be responsible for recording the meeting – be sure to select Record to Computer versus Record to Cloud.

  • Can the Zoom meetings be pre-recorded?

    • No, all Zoom meetings are LIVE. Though you could add your past meeting recordings to the virtual showcase tab if you are running multiple meetings.

  • What are the options for giveaways outside of gamification?

    • Included with your booth package, ONS will collect booth giveaways from exhibitors and promote them to attendees to help drive traffic. Execution of your giveaway is up to you. Examples include: adding a survey link in your booth, randomly select from lead retrieval listing, etc. When you build your booth, we also recommend including the giveaway information on your booth homepage.

  • Will there be a training webinar held?

    • Yes. We will host a walk-through of how to set up each booth level type and answer questions. This meeting will be recorded and available on ONSSponsorships.org if you cannot make it. We highly encourage you to review the resources provided by Digitell in advance and reference them while you are building your booth. They are quick and provide step-by-step instructions on each process.

  • I still have questions!