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Dedicated Learning Hub Hours

Tuesday, September 10

1:45pm-3:45pm (ET)

Thursday, September 12

 1:45pm-3:45pm (ET)

Package Benefits

Company Information

  • Name, logo, tagline, description, website URL. banner image

Social Media

  • Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram handles

Option to provide giveaway that ONS will promote

The Learning Hub will be available for 30 days

One (1) full conference registration to educational access all ONS sessions and network with attendees

Two (2) hours of dedicated Learning Hub time built into the virtual event schedule on each day of the "live" event days

ONS Bridge full attendee list (name, state, job title, and organization)

Post-Event Reports

  • List of attendees who visited, downloaded resources, etc., will provide contact info for those that "opted-in" to the booths (Visitors Report, Resources Report, "Contact Me" Report (for those that opted-in), Banner Link Clickthrough Report)

Portal Features

Team Member Access

  • Admin name, email address, contact information, and image
  • Admin can add more team members to gain access to the booths (first name, last name, and email address needed)

Live Chat Feature

  • Chat with attendees (through the Exhibitor Portal) during the event
  • Can set status to active, away, busy, offline

Upload Resources 

  • PDF, JPG, PNG and URLS accepted 
  • Max file size is 500mb per file 
  • No video files are supported 

Ability to self-select category tags for attendee search

Gamification to drive traffic to booth

Navigation Instructions to Access Your Exhibitor Portal

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  • NOTE: If you participated in ONS Bridge 2023, please note that we will be continuing our use of Digitell as our platform provider.
  • Click the auto-login link in your welcome email. You may be prompted to set up a password for your account. This link is specific to your profile. Make sure not to share it, for this link is a direct log in to your account. 
  • After Logging in, please click on "My Account" in the top right corner of your page. Clicking on this button may not change your screen display. 
  • Locate and click "Exhibitor Portal" on the left-hand navigation bar. 
  • Locate your Learning Hub and click “Launch”.
  • Work through your exhibitor checklist on the left of your screen. 
  • The action of exhibiting happens in the “Exhibit” activity. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

ONS Bridge Virtual Platform

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What platform is ONS using for The Virtual Learning Hall?

  • ONS is partnering with Digitell.


Will I be able to edit/build out my own booth?

  • Yes, companies can log into the Exhibitor Portal of the platform to add your company logo, banner, description, website, staff, resources, etc.

When does my booth need to be finalized?

  • Learning Hubs must be completely built out and finalized by Friday, August 23, 2024.

Does my final booth need to be reviewed or approved? 

  • After Friday, August 23, the ONS Show Management team will review all Learning Hubs for completeness and appropriateness of content. If a Learning Hub appears incomplete or posted content does not align with ONS’s goals and mission for ONS Bridge, you will be contacted directly by a member of our team.

Accessing Your Booth

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How do I access my booth? 

  • The main contact listed for each Learning Hub will receive an access email directly from Digitell, it will be labeled as, “ONS Bridge – Access your Learning Hub” from ONS Support [email protected]. If you did not receive this email, please email us at [email protected] and we will re-send.
  • Included in your access email is a link to the backend of the Digitell site. By clicking on the link, you will be prompted to create an account with Digitell.
  • Once you have created your account, you will be automatically brought to the “My Account” section. Select “Exhibitor Portal” - if you have previously used Digitell for other virtual events, you may see those events listed here.
  • Click “Launch” by your name to begin customizing your Learning Hub.
  • Once in your Learning Hub, you can click on the tabs at the top to see how the different sections of your Learning Hub will appear to an event attendee and make changes – see below for more information on editing the various sections of your Learning Hub. 

I do not see any of the features included in my booth package listed when I enter my booth to view as an attendee?

  • When you first log into your Learning Hub, you will need to go the Manage tab and then select Information. Scroll to the bottom of the pop-up window, you will see various toggles listed such as Chat, Resources, Contacts, etc. These toggles will be turned to NO, switch to YES to allow features to be visible to attendees. 

I don’t know who was listed as our main booth contact. How do I confirm the correct person has been listed?

  • Please email us at [email protected], and we will let you know who from your team has been designated as the main Learning Hub contact.

The person listed as the main booth contact is incorrect. Can I update this myself once I have access to my virtual booth?

  • No, if someone else should be listed as your main Learning Hub contact, please email us at [email protected] and we will update for you.

How do I log on to access my booth during live ONS Bridge days?

  • You will log in to the ONS single sign-on site, just as you did to build your Learning Hub. Please refer to the email with login instructions for quick access.

Updating Your Logo and Banner

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How do I add my logo to my booth?

  • Once you have launched your Learning Hub, click on the second tab, “Company Information” and select “Logos & Banner.” Upload your logo and banner here.

What size logo do I need?

  • A high definition .png file with a transparent background. Recommended more than a width of 200 pixels.

How do I add a hyperlink to my banner image?

  • In the same area “Logos & Banners” you will edit the options when uploading an image by adding a URL, Alt Text and selecting a target, “open a new window or same window.” 

Overview Tab Questions

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Is there a size limit on the videos an exhibitor can upload?

  • No size limit. Use embedded links or iframes from your YouTube or Vimeo; cannot upload a raw video file.

Resources Tab Questions

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What types of files can I upload as a resource?

  • Acceptable formats include PDF, URL, JPG, and PNG

What is the max size resource that can be added to the resources section?

  • 500 MB

Contacts Tab Questions

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How is the contact information section used?

  • The contact information section under “Team Members” tab in the portal is an address book of company representatives a company would like attendees to be able to contact.

How many booth contacts can be added to my booth?

  • Unlimited, though they do not have attendee access to the event.

How will booth members get access to the booth?

  • When the booth contact is added to the “Team Members” tab, that individual will be sent an email from the system with an auto login link.

Can Booth contacts edit the booth?

  • Yes, added booth contacts will be able to edit the Learning Hub.

Live Chat Questions

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Can the Exhibitor control when the Chat Lobby is open or closed?

  • Yes. Within the “Exhibit” tab of your portal, Learning Hub admins/team members can change their status to active, away, busy, and offline during the event hours. Chatting is available 24 hours/day during the event days.

Will the booth team be notified when a chat is submitted from an attendee?

  • No, there are not any pop-up notifications that go off when an attendee submits a chat. It is important to frequently visit the Exhibit tab to check in and look for the notifications within the Learning Hub on the righthand side of the page.

Is the live chat feature one on one or can it be applied to multiple chat participants?

  • There is a 1:1 chat for each team member that is active and available and also a global chat. The live chat is a global feature - anyone who enters the Learning Hub can see the chat and can join in as well see a visible list of participants in the Learning Hub.

General Questions

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What are the options for giveaways outside of gamification?

  • Included with your Learning Hub package, ONS will collect booth giveaways from companies and promote them to attendees to help drive traffic. Execution of your giveaway is up to you. Examples include adding a survey link in your Learning Hub, randomly selecting from lead retrieval listing, etc. When you build your Learning Hub, we also recommend including the giveaway information on your homepage.

Still Have Questions?

Please contact us at [email protected].